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Forced to make up time

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  • cbg
    What many exempt employees don't seem to realize is that they are not paid on a basis of 2080 hours per year. They are paid on the basis of getting their job done. If it takes more than 40 hours a week to complete their job, then that's what it takes. Their salary covers all hours worked, regardless of whether it is 20 hours a week or 80 hours a week.

    Any employee, exempt or non-exempt, is responsible for working the hours they are told to work. Yes, an exempt employee can be required to make up time and they can be fired if they do not comply.

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  • mkozusnik
    started a topic Forced to make up time

    Forced to make up time

    This doesn't affect me, but it does affect several of my co-workers.

    We are all exempt employees. We carry a pager and are on call at least 1 week per month. When we get paged, we can usually fix the problem remotely, but sometimes have to come to the workplace to fix it. If we repair it remotely we are prohibited from adding that to our timesheet.

    If certain employees are late on occasion, or have to leave early, they are told that the time needs made up. This does not seem to be a blanket rule.

    My questions are... If we are exempt, are we required to make up the time missed for partial day absences? What can the employer leagally do to that employee?

    What employers don't seem to understand is that most of their exempt employees will probably work over 2080 hours per year.

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