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Some employment questions for Pennsylvania

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  • Some employment questions for Pennsylvania

    I have a few questions on employment practices.

    1. What is the standpoint on policiy changes concerning health benefits?

    When I signed up for benefits in December, I signed a paper laying out how much everything would cost and my contribution as well as the company's. Come January, our HR rep said that the policy had changed and we were no longer getting any funds from them, yet I had signed a paper less than a month before stating that I would be.

    2. Same type of question: I work a salaried position, but they require us to work overtime. The overtime pay is a percentage of are normal rate because they can't do time and half. They now want to do away with this, despite us signing contracts stating our wages. In essence, they want to make us work more for nothing. They have spoke about raising our commision percenatges to compensate, but it doesn't balance out for most of us.

    3. What is the policy on drug testing? I took a pre-employment drug screen to get my current position. Now, they apparently our drawing people's names at random to do drug screens. I wasn't sure if this was legal unless you had a justifiable reason to do a screening. I wouldn't care about being drawn, but it feels a little invading to me, not to mention that we are not in a giant manufacturing facility, but an office.

    If anyone can help me with this, I would really appreciate it.


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    1. It is not unusual for companies to reduce or eliminate the company contribution percentage, especially at the beginning of a contract year.

    2. "Salaried" is merely a pay method. The issue is whether you are an exempt or a nonexempt employee. Do you know your status? What exactly do you do?

    3. Not my area of expertise. I'll let somebody else answer that one.
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