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Salary Abuse

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  • Salary Abuse

    I am currently working for a large construction company on salary. My job requires many different roles. I have been equipment operator, office admin, project superintendent, and working superindentent. ( I am not sure what they classify me or how to find out). I submit my own time-sheet which is only allowed to show 86.67 hours. I keep a personal log of how many hours I actually work. Is there a legally acceptable way to track my hours since I don't punch in out which limits the documentation of my actual hours worked? Some jobs have certified payroll which I sign timesheets for billing purporses but I am not compensated for additonal hours.

    I am on a salary 43 hours of per week and paid bi-weekly (86.67 hours per period). I can't remember the last time I worked 43 hours. I recently came off a project where I was running the office. I did work from home with the others on that project during the supposed "lapse" between projects. The project did not bring me back so I was stuck at home. I did not recieve my normal salary check for mid-January. When I inquired as to why they claim that because I was home, I would not be paid. They apoligized for not informing me of a "lapse" in employment (their words). I have since gone to work for the same company in Dallas on a project, (we worked 58 hours last week and probably 60 this upcoming week).

    As a salaried employee wouldn't I be entilted to my previous paycheck? How much can employers in the construction industry abuse their salaried employees before we are entilted to to compensation for the additional time? After this incident and after talking to others within the company it seems to me that when it is to the benefit of the company we are hourly but when, when hourly pay would exceed our salary, we are salary again.
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    As an exempt employee, there are limited situations in which your salary can be docked. However, one of them is if you perform no work in a given workweek. So, for any full workweek that you were "between contracts" the employer is not required by law to pay your salary.

    What did they call your hiatus? Layoff? Termination of employment? Something else? The answer MAY possibly affect whether or not you would be due your full weekly salary for any workweek in which you worked part of the week.
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