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Forced resignation required in settlement

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  • Forced resignation required in settlement

    I worked for city in NC for 5 yrs. I battled a sexual harrassment claim for 3 of those 5 yrs. EEOC found them at fault the case went to US Dept of Justice for reveiw who then issued me a letter of right to sue the city civily. The city terminated my position and replaced me with a person who earned less than me but di all the duites I had done. I was transfered to another dept with NO responsibility assigned but to look at four walls for 8 hrs a day for nine months I did this begging for work to be assigned as my own. They would give me Sh*t work no one else wanted to do. I went from mmgt position with authority to nothing. I filed another EEO for retaliation after this. I went out on FMLA due to medical problems I endured because of hostile wk environment I received for the past three years. I was out for eight weeks prior to my discharge. The city offered to settle with me if I would withdraw both EEO complaints and resign my position. They had offered me money in the past if I would leave but I stuck it out hoping to go to court and be reinstated to former position. They clearly did not want me there and constantly suggested I settle this and leave. I gave in to the settlement knowing I would not be able to stay and settled. The settlement was drawn up by city legal team and worded as part of settlement I would resign. If did not say I agree to resign. I was not allowed to work a notice. All this to say I was forced to leave and the city has now denied me unemployment the reason denied because the commision determined I was discharged for misconduct due to my work. I have 4 excellent evals, and no disciplinary action what so ever. I filed an appeal stating I was forced out of my job at the request of my employer as part of a settlement offered by them. What now? Thanks
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