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Sick Time vs. Vacation vs. Other in MA

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  • Sick Time vs. Vacation vs. Other in MA

    I am in MA employed by a company whose HQ are in Illinois. I have a pre-existing condition which requires regular medical appts, tests, and followup -- all facts known prior to my hiring. I have several appts & tests scheduled over the next couple of months - most at the very end of the workday (after 3:00). Originally, I entered this time into the company database as "Other" and entered "Medical Appointments" as the detail. I have now been asked to change the requests to Sick or Vacation - neither of which are accurate. If I do this, I will be using more than the company allowed sick time and more than any earned vacation time. I do not care if I do not get paid for the time -- I just do not want to leave an inaccurate paper trail of absentism. The company policy currently does not allow unpaid vacation days. Also, if it makes a difference I am on salary. Any suggestions? Any applicable labor laws? Thank you for your assistance.

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    If you are exempt, which is what I assume you mean by salaried, your employer is required by law to pay you for partial day absences. However, they may legally require you to take sick time or vacation time to cover those absences.

    While I understand your concern for accurate tracking, they are not asking you do do anything illegal; nor is their insistance that these absences be applied to sick or vacation time a violation of any state or Federal law.

    A question; how long have you worked for this company, and how many employees does it have? I'm wondering if FMLA might apply.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thank you

      Thank you. I just do not want to give the company cause for termination due to excessive sick time.

      I appreciate the very fast reply.


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