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SC Laws on purchasing

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  • SC Laws on purchasing

    I live in South Carolina and I worked the past 4 years for a CA based company that recently let me go. I was in sales and was sent an overwhelming amount of samples to show customers, which I was charged for and supposedly signed something when hired stating that I agreed to that. However, I now owe that company more than $12K, and had NO IDEA they would be that expensive or that money was deducted each check for samples, almost like they financed them for me, and that has averaged $1000 or more per month for 4 years. I could turn and sell about 50% of them...the rest were either thrown away or I still have. Often times samples were "un-finished" and unsaleable and I was still charged. A former co-worker in TX was also let go, and he says under Texas law, without signing a "purchase agreement" each and every time samples were sent, is considered extortion. Starting in 2006, the company now gives FREE samples to their salesman. What can I do here in SC??

    D Sales
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    You will have to get a copy of the agreement you apparently signed and have it reviewed by a local attorney versed in contract law to see if it is enforceable, either partially or in its entirety. South Carolina law requires only that the employer notify you of the amount and and reason for voluntary deductions; it appears that your authorization is not specifically required. See Section III.

    However, the agreement you (apparently) signed may be enough for the authorization, but an attorney will have to tell you that. We cannot interpret an agreement we have not read in its entirety.
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      Even so, if I signed that, can it be enforced without out giving a set amount of how much was to be deducted each check, and the cost of the samples? None of that information was disclosed up front.....sort of a "sign here, I'll tell you how much it will cost you later".

      Plus...the fact that I was told for 4 years there was nothing that could be done about the costs of samples, and magically now they are free??

      Thanks for your reply.


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        I edited my original response to correct the state to South Carolina and the laws there.
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