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    I have a new boss with a bad attitude, and that is not just my opinion. He's had many complaints to his bosses from other employees. The problem is, his boss is the Branch manager, and the manager in HR is the branch mgr friend.

    Here is the situation with me. He's has said to my co-workers that he is going to make my job hard because he thinks that I went behind his back about this position that I am in now. He admitted that he was going to harass me to three other co-workers. They all told me the same story about what he said. I documented what was told to me and who told me this. Later when things came to a head, I took my documentation to the Regional Manager. He said that he was going to set up a meeting to resolve this situation with the Branch Mgr and the Ops Mgr. I told the Reg Mgr that I will not be comfortable because they are friends. He said that he would be in that meeting. A week later we had the meeting and the branch mgr told me that he asked the Reg Mgr not to be in the meeting because he could handle the situation. The meeting was okay, But I didn't get to say some of the things that I wanted to say because there wasn't a neutral party there.

    Let me make this short. Be because he admitted to my co-workers that he was going to harass me on the job and the company knows about what he did. If another incident were to happen (harassment) would I have a good enough case to bring some legal action against the company. I have witnesses, documentation and the company knows about the previous situation.

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    There is harrassment and then there is illegal harrassment, which has a specific meaning. Rude, unprofessional behavior is not illegal harrassment UNLESS it is either or a sexual nature or it is SOLELY because of a protected characteristic, such as gendera, race, age, ethnic origin, religion, etc.

    Nothing you have posted reflects that illegal harrassment is about to occur.
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      At this point, there is no evidence that anything illegal has happened.


      At your next opportunity, I would certainly make it a point to voice that I am concerned about the harassment that this person says he will engage in. I would tell my employer (very gently and very respectfully) that this person has made it very clear that they will engage in harassment. They were not specific about what they intended on doing, but it possibly could be a prohibited form of harassment or it could rise to the level of criminal. Also tell them that you are aware that their only duty is to make prohibited harassment stop.

      This will get the point across to your employer that you will not allow him to harass you, and if you suffer damages as a result of illegal harassment, that you intend on holding them accountable.


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        Very well said Bears00! Bravo!


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          Thank you. That was well said.

          Right now he is very quit towords me since I brought this issue forward. But my spidy senses tell me to use caution.

          Anyway, THX Again.


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