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No payment for 2 months - Florida

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  • No payment for 2 months - Florida

    I did not get any payment for 2 months for no reason. My employer always said he sent the check but I got nothing. Any suggestion for this?

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    Tell me this...
    Your employer says that paychecks were mailed to you correct?

    If so, why were checks mailed? Did you request that?

    How are you paid, weekly, biweekely, monthly etc?

    Because depending on how long ago it was, your employer may have had time to verify if the checks were cashed or not and to put stop payments on lost vouchers.

    Law demands that employees are paid on the scheduled payday for all hours worked.


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      I am in NY now and work at home. So employer has to mail me the paycheck everytime. I got paid biweekly. I sent timesheets to my employer every two weeks with customer's signature. Same thing happened to other employees also.
      The employer always lied to us.



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        Is it safe to assume that you have previously received paychecks at your address in NY and nothing about your address has changed?

        If that is the case, it is your employers resposibility to investigate the situation.

        What did they say when you told them that you had not recieved pay?

        If they have taken no action, call the wage and hour division for Florida state govt. (If that is where your employer functions from) and report situation.


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          If you work in New York, from your home or an office, then New York law applies. It is irrelevant that the employer is based in Florida. And you are fortunate that this is the case, because in Florida, you would have to bring a civil suit to address this situation. In New York, you can file a claim for unpaid wages if you make under $600/week.

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