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Is this verbal assault/what action to take?

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  • Is this verbal assault/what action to take?

    My manager at the pharmacy I worked at called me on my day off and cussed me out on the phone.

    On my day off, my manager called me about a moved box at the store. Even though I told him I was not responsible for the misplaced items three or four times, he preceeded to cuss and yell at me through the phone. He threatened that whoever moved his F----ing sh---t was going to pay...and face his wrath. He yelled profanity into the phone over and over for about 5 minutes.

    I approached him in private the next day and told him he should not have used that tone nor that profanity. He said he wasn't going to apoligize because that was how he "felt at the moment" and that he had done nothing wrong. I told him I was going to let our owner know. He is a very hands on owner. Anyhow, come to find out, other employees heard him talk to me like this and knew it was me on the phone. Now I feel like an idiot.

    I want an apology or him demoted, because I have no respect at work now and life is a living hell because of it. Tell me how to fix this. Talk to the owner? Do I tell him I want the manger demoted? Is that my place?

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    It is not up to you to tell the owner how to handle this. I don't blame you for wanting an apology but no law requires that you get one, and you can be fired for demanding it if the owner chooses to do so. The manager behaved unprofessionally but he did not break any laws and the owner has no legal obligation to do ANYTHING, let alone demote him or even require him to apologize to you.

    It's up to you how to handle it but in my opinion the wisest thing to do would be to let the entire matter drop. If you come in for any more problems with the manager BECAUSE OF this incident THEN talk to the owner, but by no means come across as demanding anything - that is not your right under the law.
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      I disagree that he did not break any laws. He may not have broken any EMPLOYMENT laws, but there are criminal statutes in almost all states that cover calling up someone, threatening and harassing them. In my state, Louisiana, it's called "telephone communications."

      If you know for a fact that there were witnesses, I would be filing a police report and pressing criminal charges against him. Cbg is absolutely correct that you have no discretion over how he is disciplined, but if your owner is as hands-on as you say he is, he will not want anyone around that is criminally harassing other employees.


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        I think it would be a stretch to put what's described in this post under criminal statutes. But even if you are correct, these forums are for discussions of employment law, and as you yourself point out, no employment laws were broken.

        If the poster wants to try her luck at criminal statutes, there is a forum for that elsewhere on this site.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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          Thanks for the help, but ita ll still pisses me off that just because he is the manager he can act like that. Sometimes it makes you wonder how did they get into management anyway!


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