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Can employer just "Decide" not to pay an employee???

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  • Can employer just "Decide" not to pay an employee???

    This is the case with me... my employer just decided that because some of our clients have not pay their bills on time, that they are not going to pay me my paycheck until further notice. Is this legal? I am a full time, salaried, exempt employee in Georgia.


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    No, the fact that the client has not paid the company is irrelevant. Contact the state Dept. of Labor, who may actually refer you to the federal DOL, since Georgia mandates to enforce pay regulations are sorely lacking.

    Good luck.
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      Is there ANY case in which an employer can just decided to not pay an employee?? This seems very strange to me. I work for a small company and I'm just not sure they understand the law to be honest.

      Thanks again.


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        Is there ANY case in which an employer can just decided to not pay an employee?? No. I think there are several States where the employer can withhold pay if the employer can prove that the employee stole from them (although the wages withheld cannot exceed the value of the items taken) but that's it.

        As Patty stated, your employer cannot withhold your wages because the client didn't pay.


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          All of the above answers are correct. However, I thought I might also point out that you can't get blood from a turnip. That is to say, all the laws in the world aren't going to get you paid if your employer is out of dough. On the other hand, if your employer is not paying you I think it would be reasonable to stop showing up for work and file for unemployment benefits while seeking paying employment.


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