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Illegal pay deduction

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  • Illegal pay deduction

    I am a commision based hairdresser in the state of Illinois.I work for two women who have owned the salon for three years.They started what they call a "usage charge"three years ago.Recently the service charges for clients were raised which in turn gives us employees a raise.The owners also raised the "usage charges" up to three times what they were,plus added some others..,which basically voids our raises.we ,employees talked to them and thought they (usage charges) were rather high.They said that's the way it has to be.I then looked up the Wage and labor Law and found that it is illegal in the state of Illinois for employers to deduct anything other than the mandatory deductions(taxes,benefits for employees,etc),I also called and spoke with a woman at the Labor Board and she also said this deduction was illegal.We had a meeting at the salon and I told the owners it was illegal that they take this deduction,they got upset and told us that the salon wasn't making enough money and that they had large loans out on the renovations they had done to fix the salon up three years ago.I told them that was not our problem.They also said that if they didnt take this "usage charge" from us they may have to drop our comission rate.I told them by doing this,taking usage charges, our comission was already dropped down up to three percent.I have not filled in the deductions on the slip as we always did because it is illegal,and one boss called me last night to remind me about filling the slip out.I know I can file a complaint with the state but what does this all take to do it and how long of a process and what else could happen to me if I decide to file? Thanks...
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