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Manager harrasing? North Carolina

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  • Manager harrasing? North Carolina

    My wife been working for this restaurant for past a year and half. She been a cook for them for past year. Recently, we found out that she 's pregnant and she been relieved to an expo position (which is easier for her to do her job with same pay by another manager).
    There is a manager there been very abusing. He has been verbally harrasing her, calling names and such to her in front of all employees. He been using foul languages too. There are at least 5 other employees witnessed the harrasment. There is an employee even pointed out to him that he can't do that to her, and his response "I don't give a f$%K!" THis been happenning twice already to her. I believed that she been single out ffrom the manager. Due to this verbal harrasment, she been crying at work, anxiety attack and such, on top of her been pregnant.
    What your advise to our situation? Can we filed a legal suit against him and the company?
    Who shall we contact in this situation?

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    I believed that she been single out ffrom the manager. The question is WHY is she being singled out and treated this way by the manager? Unless it's being done because she's pregnant or because of her gender, or race, or national origin, or religion, or some other "protected characteristic," then the manager's behavior towards your wife is not against the law.

    What your advise to our situation? Your wife needs to see the restaurant owner or general manager and complain about how the manager is treating her.

    Can we filed a legal suit against him and the company? The boss being a jerk is not against the law. If the boss is discriminating against your wife (for one of the reasons I've detailed above), then her recourse is to notify her employer she is being discriminated against and allow them an opportunity to investigate and, if the company determines unlawful discrimination is taking place, to put a stop to it. If that doesn't resolve the problem, then your wife may file a complaint of prohibited discrimination with her State's equal rights division or the federal EEOC.

    P.S. "We" can't do anything - only your wife can.

    Who shall we contact in this situation? The person in senior management for the restaurant for whom she works.


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      Harassing Manager

      Do you believe that she is being singled out because she is pregnant? And, does the company have at least 15 employees? If so, she could be the victim of illegal harassment. You can look at the EEOC's website at for more information.

      If it isn't illegal discrimination, the only recourse she has is to go up the chain of command, asking for resolution.
      Lillian Connell

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