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Contract employee in FL

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  • Contract employee in FL

    My dad works for a foodservice company here in Florida. The way the company is set up, different divisions around central Florida service the same area. For example, he was part of the Tampa district servicing Orlando. Well the company elected to move all the Tampa division employees to the Lakeland division to still service Orlando...except my dad. Instead, he became a salaried employee and gave up all of his street accounts (he was formerly commission only!). The company now believes this was a dumb idea and is putting him in the Ormond Beach division. The only problem is he will be stripped of the contract accounts now and will be starting from scratch, back on commission only. His pay cut is about $16,000/year (from $69,000). Before this, we were glad because it would allow us to be more financially stable when I head off to college in the Fall. He has served this company for more than 14 years and has received numerous awards, accolades, etc. This just seems wrong! What recourse do we have to seek damages for his new earnings situation?

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    Seeking Damages

    Unfortunately, I don't believe he has any recourse in that employers can make decisions relative to pay and jobs for their staff, with the exception that motives that are illegal, such as discrimination based on age, race, religion, gender, national origin, disability, etc., are prohibited.
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      That's what we were afraid of. I think we're going to urge him to change jobs. Thanks so much for your help!


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