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Job Description Changed, Increased Responsibility

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  • Job Description Changed, Increased Responsibility


    Here is the situation:

    This is a professional office with educated technical types and engineers.

    There is a department that has had poor management for years. The VP that is over the manager of the poor performing department took over control of the department a while back. This left the original manager with 60% of the original work.

    The VP ran thedepartment for a few weeks. The VP then tried to find another manager to take the department. After asking 3 or 4 people there were no willing takers.

    The VP then assigned the department to me effectivly changing my job description and greatly increasing my responsibility. This also increased my total headcout by 30% or more. This was done although I did not want the department and turned it down. Second this was done with no increase in salary although I aksed for one. When I aksed if I had a choice in matters I was told "no, this is how it is" and was given the choice of taking the department or quitting my job.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Since this has changed my job description greatly from what I was hired to do can I do anything? Legal action?

    2. I was recently hired and if I quit the company may seek repayment of moving expenses. Can I use this issue as an excuse for quitting without repayment?

    2A. Can I seek damages for moving me then switching the job? The old bait and switch like the car dealers....

    3. What are my options here. I am in a good spot to quit. i.e. I do not need the money. Thoughts?

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