I recently worked for a large auto parts store. Recently we had been told that we had to have a doctors note for any absences even one day or we would be terminated, which is against the companies own policy. I had recently called off work for December 03, 2005 and December 05, 2005 for not feeling well. I had called in both days and received approvals from two different managers for each day I wasn’t feeling well, One being the assistant manager on December 03, 2005 and the other being the store manager on December 05, 2005. When I spoke to the store manager on the December 05 I had spoken to the store manager around 6:52 am. And told him I was still not feeling well he had replied still not feeling well. I had then told him that I also did not make to work on Saturday the third. He then asked if I had called in on Saturday to let a manager know I was not going to be in I said yes I spoke to the assistant manager on duty. He then said ok. The store manager was also aware that I had not been feeling well the week before. Around 9:11 am on the December 05, 2005 I received a voice mail from the store manager saying he had spoke with my commercial district and my regional district manager then said this is it. “Meaning terminated from my job for not going in to work sick” I had received verbal warnings for being late. I believe it was November 21, 2005 I received a written warning for being late. Then on December 01, 2005 I had called in and said I would be late I made the store manger aware that I was in heavy traffic behind a school bus making its pickup’s and there was nothing I could to not be late. He then said not to bother coming in. “meaning terminated” I was only a few minutes away so I went into work and talked with the store manager explained to him face to face the problem getting to work that morning . We talked for awhile and he said ok he’d give me another chance, but in our employee hand book it states you have to be written up three times for the same offense before you can be terminated for that offense. I believe I have missed a total of three days including December 03 and 05 since I had started full time with the company almost one year ago. There is also some animosity between two of the managers at the store. I have been harassed daily by the female manager calling me by the other manager’s name, his best friend, his buddy, and his brother. She had put me in the middle of feud I had nothing to do with. Making being at work unpleasant. I had told the female manager involving me in the situation to please stop the name calling and leave me out of it, but it did not stop. I talked with the store manager which has been friends with this lady manager for many years they worked together at different store and he had her transferred to our store and told him how I felt about me being put in the middle and being called names he told me to talk to her and ask her to stop. I told him I did and the harassment was still happening. He had no answer and I am not aware of him speaking to her to have her stop but it did not stop until I was terminated and no longer there. I would like to know what my legal rights are. This is a job I would have like to stay with and possibly retire from but because of a district manager changing the companies own corporate policies and the problem at hand with the two managers feuding I believe I have been singled out and terminated .