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Discrimination And Overtime

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  • Discrimination And Overtime

    My boss changes my hours on my time sheet without informing me, and counts ovetime hours as regular hours. She tells me that I have mentally checked out so she changes my hours, yet I'm still working. She discriminates against me because she likes one of the patients that comes into the office and she knows him and I get along and are close. Whenever he comes in, the next day she finds something to yell at me about and brings him into it. She constantly gets on me in front of patients for trivial things as well as the other employee. Both of us have told her that we don't appreciate her doing that, yet she has stopped doing it to the other girl and not me. My boss is trying to casue a riff between me and the other girl. My boss constantly puts me down and praises the other girl even when the other girl has made a mistake. My boss is very controlling and expects us to drop everything and cater to her. She has stated this several times. My boss is hispanic and so is the other girl and I'm white. My boss wants all of her patients to be hispanic. She gets upset when white people come in the office. This is only a small fraction of what is wrong. I could write pages. What can be done?

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    If you are not being paid for all the time you work, you may contact your State's Department of Labor and file a complaint. If you are being treated less favorably because of your race, you may contact your State's equal rights division and file a complaint of prohibited discrimination.


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