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Unpaid wages - MI

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  • Unpaid wages - MI

    I was laied off from my job on Friday Oct 14th 2005 & I worked in Michigan. I was told that the old manager was bad with customers and the owner was looking for someone to bring in customers. I tried to bring in customers and was nice to every customer. I never had a complaint from a customer. I was laied off after 7 months because business was slow. I have a coupple questions.

    1. I was paid a monthly bonus based on a % of the profit of the shop I worked at. Am I entitled to a portion of Octobers bonus since I worked there 1/2 of the month & was unvoluntary laied off?

    2. I was promiced a stable job with this employer & obvously after being laied off after only 7 months this wasnt the case. I left my old job of 5 years where I had stability and no fear of being let go for this job. Should I be compensated for lost wages? Because I would still be working if I hadent taken the job.

    I'm thinking about a small claims court lawsuit aginst the place.

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    There is no legal violation here. Short of a valid, enforceable contract prohibiting it, the concept of "at-will" employment exists, which means you can quit at any time for any reason, and the employer can let you go at any time for any reason that is not prohibited by law. Without a contract specifying a guaranteed term of employment, the employer can lay you off at any time and does not owe you any additional compensation over and above the wages for time actually worked.

    Eligibility for bonuses is defined by company policy, not by wage and hour laws. It is very rare for a bonus plan to prorate a bonus for a partial period. Most plans require that you work the entire bonus period and be employed when the bonus payment is made.

    Sorry, but I don't see a case here as, from the details in your post, no laws have been violated.
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      I thought it was a long shot on the compensation of lost wages after switching jobs.

      It still seems that I should be entitled to half of my last months bonus as I did work during that time. Although they may not be breaking labor laws, do you think I would still have a chance in small claims court? I know its up to the judge but; does it seem like I have a reasonable case?

      The ammount should be someware bewteen $300-$500 so I would like to attempt to get what I feel is entitled to me.

      Thanks for your help in this matter.


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        Well, you're welcome to try, but I wouldn't hold your breath. What does the bonus plan say is required to receive it; regarding employment status, that is?
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