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Final paid/unpaid wages

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  • Final paid/unpaid wages

    I quit my job 1 month ago and gave a 3 day notice. I was working through a Temp agency, so my time card has to be submitted online once every week. I worked a few hours of overtime on my last day of work. When i tried to submit my hours online, there was no slot for my overtime hours. So I called the temp agency to let them know and they say they would take care of it for me. I get paid every week. I didn't get paid on my last day of work but instead on the next pay day which was 5 days later. In addition, they did not pay me for my overtime hours. I attempted several time to resolve this problem and they promised to take care of it and contact me back but never did. It's been about 1month and 2 days since I last worked for that company. I faxed them a letter stating them to resolve the problem within 72 hours and they finally responded. However, they stated that they made some excuse how the paper work takes a long time, and that they were bending their backs and that they wouldn't able to make my deadline. They would only be able to pay me 1 day after the deadline I gave them. If they pay me a day after my demand, can i still file a complaint? And am I entitled to the waiting penalties?

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    Now that I know (by reading your third post) that you worked in California, you should go ahead and file. If, by the time the DLSE gets around to handling your case (I understand they are REALLY backed up), if you have received the payment, you may still be eligible to receive the waiting time penalty. You have nothing to lose by filing immediately. It's already late.
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