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Employer documenting "anonymous" web postings

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  • Employer documenting "anonymous" web postings

    Recently ran across a situation where a coworker went to a a meeting with management and was confronted with a stack of printouts from a website that people post to anonymously. One member of the management team is aware of my coworkers "anonymous" handle on this website and apparently has been trolling the site documenting the coworkers posts. A few of my coworkers posts mentioned situations at work but nothing which could identify the business or people being referred to. None of the information was ****ing but simply my coworker's interpretation and attempt to deal with upsetting events.
    This management team does not have direct supervisory role over my coworker. However they did issue a vague veiled warning that if one of their employees had written such things about them that they would fire the employee. Also suggested the posts be removed by my coworker.
    I have never heard of an employer claiming that anonymous posting on the internet with no identifiable information about the company or individuals was inappropriate. Seems like an invasion of privacy. I don't know though… lots of things that seem very wrong in the work world are perfectly legal.
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    If it's out on a website, it's not private and there is no expectation of privacy. That's true of this site also.
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