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Texas Break/lunch Law.. Please Help!

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  • Texas Break/lunch Law.. Please Help!

    i live in austin texas and my boyfriend who works with fast food works 8-9 hr shifts a day, some of the days he does not receive any break at all. i have read other forums that state in texas it you do not have to have any rest/lunch break at all. however, i also work in the state of texas with retail and i was told that we have to take breaks otherwise it is illegal for us not to (i was told by my manager and other employees at the store) my boyfriend is not a minor. could somebody please tell me what the deal is with this and include a site with all this information (like i said my boyfriend is not a minor so i do not need any info on child labor laws just info on laws 18+ Thanks!)

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    Sorry, there are no state rest break laws in TX for adults. He either needs to suck it up or find a new job. My vote is for him to find a new job. No job is worth the stress.

    What he might could do is see if they have a policy that provides for breaks. Or maybe his manager is just working him that hard because he can, and your BF has never complained. At my last truly satisfying job, I was nearly ready to quit over being worked to the bone. I went to my boss and said something. He told me that he never knew that he was overloading me, and thought that I really enjoyed the responsbilities. The more he piled on, the better I performed. Could it be that your BF is just a REALLY GOOD WORKER, and his boss sees no need to hold him back from that?


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      The only thing I could find regarding restrictions on work hours for retail establishments is that employees cannot be required to work 7 consecutive days in a row. Bears is correct about no breaks or meal periods being required.
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