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Salaried Employee-Mandatory OT

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  • Salaried Employee-Mandatory OT

    I work for a large national retailer. I have been a salaried manager for almost two years. This year we were told that we were moving to mandatory 6 day work weeks. Previously, we were required 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. We now must work 6 days a week , 9 hours a day. In the past we have worked the same schedules through the holidays. My question is when I am putting in 9 more hours a week it drops my hourly dollar average under 10 dollars an hour before taxes. Other managers in the company are also very upset about having to put in more hours during the holidays. Most managers work more that 45 hours a week if they have things to get done, being told we have to be here is another thing. The way I look at it is if you want me to work a minimum of 54 hours my pay should increase with that. I feel that we are being strong armed into working outside of what I agreed to when I was hired.

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    Since you are a manager in the retail industry, I am assuming you are an exempt employee ("salaried" is merely a pay method). As an exempt employee, you are required to work any hours necessary to complete your job and the employer is not required by law to provide any additional compensation, ever, no matter how low your "average hourly wage" goes. The federal minimum salary for exempt employees is $455/week; your weekly salary must be at least that amount to be considered exempt.
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      I do understand that I have to put in as many hours as I need to in order to "get the job done". I can do my job in 45 hours just fine. My store runs an average 20 percent increase and I am number one in my district, not to mention top ten in my region. It is not a question of me getting my job done. The company is going to do mandatory OT and suggests that on out sixth day we "clean our office" or "dress down and get some paperwork done". I don't need to be here another day and if they want me here they need a good reason, right? I busted my butt for a long time putting in a lot of hours in order to get this store running smoothly. Now my store is running smoothly so I shouldn't have to put in the OT.


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        I don't need to be here another day and if they want me here they need a good reason, right? Do you mean they are legally required to have a good reason? If so, the answer is no. If they want you to put in another 20 hours/week counting paperclips, they can require you to do so.

        Your employer appears to be making a foolish decision in requiring you to work hours that aren't necessary but there's nothing illegal about it. Your only recourse is to talk to your boss and see if he'll change his mind.


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