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Michihgan-pay deductions for a mistake

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  • Michihgan-pay deductions for a mistake

    I translate documents. I made a mistake on a document and a customer brought it back and pointed it out to my boss. The company I work for refunded the customers money. My boss told me that he was going to deduct the loss out of my check. I thought it was him blowing of steam, but when I received my check iy was dedducted. It's almost a half a days work. I almost positive he cant do this. Can someone tell me where the law is so I can show it to him.

    Thank You
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    No, he can't do this. From MI's DOL website:

    Agency: Labor & Economic Growth

    Public Act 390 of 1978, in section 7(1) states; ". . . an employer shall not deduct from the wages of an employee, directly or indirectly, any amount . . . without the full, free, and written consent of the employee, obtained without intimidation or fear of discharge for refusal to permit the deduction."

    and section 7(2) states; ". . . a deduction for the benefit of the employer requires written consent from the employee for each wage payment subject to the deduction, and the cumulative amount of the deductions shall not reduce the gross wages paid to a rate less than minimum rate as defined in the minimum wage law of 1964, Act No. 154 of the Public Acts of 1964, being sections 408.381 to 408.398 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. . ."

    An employee that believes his or her employer has violated Act 390 may file a written complaint with the department within 12 months after the alleged violation occurs.


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