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its not right

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  • its not right

    is it possiple to be hurt at work not miss a day be going to a workmans comp doc and be in therapy be fired lose health ben and be cut by workmans comp and be stuck with bad arms is it legal

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    Why were you fired?
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      Its Not Right

      I Was Fired Because He Says I Was Not Working Hard Enough Which Is A Lie I Was At Work Every Day And Went To The Doc On My Own Time Now He Fires Me Workmans Comp Drops Me And Tells Me To Get A Job With A 10 Lb Restriction Whos Going To Hire Me I Got Bad Arms And Im A Mechanic


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        If worker's comp "dropped you" then I'm guessing you reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and your claim was closed. If you are left with any permanent impairment, you should receive a permament partial disability payment (PPD.) If you have a permanent 10 lb weight restriction and cannot adquately perform your job, then in all likelihood it was legal for you to be terminated.

        If you can't do mechanic work any longer, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation.

        I suggest you consult with a worker's compensation attorney. I can only guess at what's taken place regarding your WC claim and your medical status.


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          So What Your Telling Me Is That You Can Work For A Company Get Hurt And Then Be Told Theres Nothing Wrong With You When You Know There Is Be Fired From Your Job Get Cut Off And Be Expected To Get A New Job Hurt And Its Legal I Dont See How


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