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overtime and minimum hours between shifts

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  • overtime and minimum hours between shifts

    i was curious about the labor laws with the minimum hours between shifts, and also i**** together anyways, the management is bad and the upper is also. so i was curious about overtime for me, because they were asking me to go to a mandatory bootcamp 2 hour thing in the morning from 630-830, then a roadshow thing from 1-330, then they want me to work in store from 4-930, ok so if im wrong that is about 10 hours. so they just threw this on me 2 days ago, can i basically say **** u u cant do that or wat..? any links to laws ive looked

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    First, I recommend you edit your post immediately to eliminate the curse words or you will find yourself banned from this site.

    Now, to your question. There are very few states which have any provisions requiring a certain number of hours between shifts. What state do you work in? When you clean up the language in your post and answer this question, I'll see what I can find out.
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      Since the poster did not come back to clean up their language, I did it for him/her.

      If the poster uses that kind of language on this site again, their membership will be in serious jeopardy.
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        i apologize for the language in my first post, it is just my company has been urking me to the fullest extent, they are very sloppy and disorganized, yes the money is good for being part time but still. im sorry again, but i am in california and i cannot find anything on these exact topics. thank you


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          There is no law in California of which I am aware that requires a minimum number of hours between shifts. However, my recollection is that a many years ago, there was a law that required the employer pay one hour additional pay if the time between shifts was less than two hours. I recommend you contact the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement of the Employment Development Dept. and inquire as to whether this is still required.
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