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Nevada, do i get a ten minute paid break

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  • Nevada, do i get a ten minute paid break

    i work a 4-5 hour shift

    i work at sizzler and my boss says that i do not get a paid ten minute break because it doesnt say he has to on the poster in the employee room that he is required to have.

    i looked on the net and a few places say that he does.

    on average i usually get a small break to eat but it is always a hastle to get it. a few nights ago it became a huge hastle to get a break to eat food and my emplower said he was going to clock me out for the break if i did eat. i wound up eating on the clock, but i was never given permission to eat on the clock.

    this guy is a pain in the butt and all the other managers are nice and let me eat on the clock which usually isnt more than five minutes. i dont want to get anyone in trouble, but i need to know if i am right so i can throw it in his face.

    it would be helpful if i were told of a credible source so i could present the information without say, "these people on this forum said" if you know what i mean.

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    Not, "the people on this forum say", because your boss doesn't know us from Adam. How about showing him this, however:

    And this, which is either not the poster he has up, or he missed #4:
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