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NYS Unemployment for not accepting terms

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  • NYS Unemployment for not accepting terms

    I currently work from home. My employer presented me with a document today saying that the situation was no longer working out and I needed to make arrangements to come into the office. The cost of child care outweighs the money I would earn from this position so I cannot accept this arrangement. I signed the document saying I understood it. My employer then presented me with a letter saying that I would be terminated as of a certain date because I "would not accept the new terms of my role". Do you think I would qualify in NYS for unemployment with this type of termination? Also, I was on disability 7 months ago to have a baby, how does this effect unemployment benefits, if at all? ie. Does being on disability create a gap in employment? Thank you so much for any comments you may have.

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    Yes, your disability does create a gap in employment. The amount of UI benefits received depends on your employment wages in the state. And I doubt very seriously you will be able to collect UI benefits in this situation. The business needs have changed and due to your personal situation, you cannot (or will not) accept the new terms of employment which were offered you. Sorry, but UI benefits are meant for individuals who lose their job through no fault of their own. Are you sure you can't make some type of arrangements? If not, I would not be optimistic that you could collect benefits, although it takes nothing but a little time to file the claim.

    Good luck.
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