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Employer Misrepresentation

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  • Employer Misrepresentation

    I am based in California.
    Recently, I accepted employment with a Consulting Company X.
    X told me that they had a 3 month project with a client A. The client A is a fortune 500 company so I was interested. X also told me that once I was in - there would be good chance of extension.

    The project was subcontracted through another vendor, Company Y.
    I knew some people in company Y prior to the hire, which I disclosed to Company X and made sure they understood that If approached by company Y - I would not limit myself to working through X only.
    X agreed with this and made an amendment to my Agreement with X limiting the no-solicit client clause to Account Managers for this Project for a period of 1 year.

    After all this happened ...
    I found that X has misrepresented this whole situation and manipulated me into signing this agreement.
    1. Project is only 1 month instead of projected 3 months. Client A disclosed to me first day I went onsite. They have interim support req. they are filling.
    2. Company Y disclosed that they will not be able to work with me directly since they have their own contract with X.
    3. Even Company A is covered under the clause as they are client affiliate.

    When I asked Company X about this, they did not bother to respond.
    I am very upset about their lack of business ethics and professionalism.
    Plus it now has long term business impact ref. my position with Y and A.
    Why would I sign a 1yr bond for a 1 month project?

    Given the misrepresentation here, does X even have any employer rights to enforce the agreement? Is there anything I can do ?
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