I have been teaching for a private organization for 2 years summers included. I recently met with the administrator and she said she was letting me go. I am six weeks into the new school year. She did not have any documentation to show me when I asked for it. She told me I had two choices. I could take disability and then sign up for unemployment or take just unemployment. I told her I didn't have a disability and she told me she was not taking an answer but to think about it. She strongly suggested it. She asked me if I thought I was depressed. I did not respond and then she told me she knew that I had been taking naps during the middle of the day. I told her yes in the summer time when I was working three jobs!

Last week I told my supervisor I needed to take a day off for some surgery because the surgery I had last year did not work. She had asked me then if it was serous and i told her my cells were only malignant and that it was not cancer and I still had some other options before cancer would develop.

One month prior I got an email along with all employees stating what a wonderful job I was doing and commending my extra efforts.

I have never been sat down or told that I needed to change something in my teaching routine. The excuses they gave me were lame and most conflicted with each other. In fact my supervisor asked me if I wanted to do additonal itinerant work after school hours one day before they let me go.

I felt like I was doing a fine job and was blown away at the meeting.