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Calif.: payroll deductions & paystubs

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  • Calif.: payroll deductions & paystubs

    My employer routinely deducts amounts from our paychecks for cell phones and certain equipment (both of which they classify as required for the job, purchase, & issue to us), as well as a monthly cell phone charge for "personal use". The deductions are not shown on our pay stubs as such; instead they are deducted beforehand from our expense reimbursement amounts (mileage & per diem) & we are simply reimbursed a lesser amount, i.e., there is nothing on our paystubs which reflects a deduction, nor what it is for. The company accountant says this is so they will not have negative expense reimbursement amounts on the payroll.

    My questions are:
    -Does the employer need to notify us prior to the deduction, &/or get an authorization? (many of us were not told we'd have to pay for the stuff)
    -Does the employer need to itemize the deductions on our pay stubs? (otherwise we have no documentation to deduct these expenses on our taxes at the end of the year)

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    Since these "deductions" are from your expense reimbursements, and not from your wages, I don't see any violation of law here. You can contact the state Division of Labor Standards Enforcement to confirm, but I would not be optimistic.
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      receiving payment statements oklahoma

      I have been wondering about Oklahoma laws..All of my paychecks are handwritten and I have not ever received a statement concerning taxes or where my money is going..I have never received a paycheck stub!! I never signed any tax deductable information..I guess my question is..

      Is my employer required to show me a statement for each pay period and and where the money is going?


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        soonergal, I responded to your same question in the other forum. And ignore Shawna, she's a spammer.
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