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Qs. about accepting employment from client company

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  • Qs. about accepting employment from client company

    I am consulting to a client through a 3rd party recruiting company since last 1 month. ( the initial contract offer was 6 weeks ). I am not an employee in terms of getting any medical benefits etc. but get paid on hourly wages. When the recruiter signed me on, they made me sign a contract that I cannot work directly for client.
    However, the client now wants to Hire me as a full time employee.

    Can the recruiting company stop me from accepting this employement offer?
    Am I bound to the contract, even if it means loss of wages for me?
    I am based in California.
    Please advice. Thanks.

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    It sounds like it depends on how you were hired. If this was a "Contract-to-Hire" job and the client now wants to bring you on full time, there is usually an agreement between the company and the staffing agency that allows this to happen under pre-negotiated terms. These contracts are typically enforceable in California.

    I'd recommend that you work with both parties to get this deal done. Both parties have an interest in maintaining their relationship (after all, the recruiting agency did a good job in finding you) so this is not out of the ordinary.


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      weren't you term'd?

      On another division of this forum, I thought you posted you were term'd cuz Er gave an outsourcing reason. If the Er who term'd you was the temp/contract company (not the client co.), then I'd say any contract you had with them is over. You'd have to check the contract carefully, but I think they'd be hard pressed to enforce some sort of non-compete or other restrictive covenant where they were the ones who term'd you. could happen, but difficult for them is my guess.

      Of course, if you were term'd by an entirely different co, or if that was not you in another post, then disregard.

      curt j.


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        I guess I need to work this out with both companies, so we all benefit from it. Seems pathetic if I cannot take the job. After all, its not loss of business for them if they hire someone totally externally.
        But, certainly a loss of job for me.

        Yes to the termed reference. That was me too.
        But it was an entirely different company.
        You don't think 5 months down the road, I still am waiting for them to hire me back!!!
        THAT company later advertized my position on their Job Site....!!! So much for outsourcing, is that legal?
        But I have that qs. as a seperate thread.



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