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Force 2 quit by employeer NYC

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  • Force 2 quit by employeer NYC

    Hello! I was a very hard worker work for 3 yrs for my employeer and out of the blue my employeer started to increase my workload having me do things that had nothing to do with my job description and making things in possible for me to keep up then he started complaining that I was not good enought, too slow and he became verbally abusive. One day he was so nasty he kept insulting me and I couldn't take no more and I yelled out I quit. I was very upset because I really love my job and I didn't want to quit but I had no other choice. He force me too. I couldn't take his nasty foul mouth any more and Now I want to apply for unemployment and I'm not sure if I will be accepted because I was force to quit by my boss behavior toward me. My question is if I was force to quit will I be able to apply for unemployment and be accepted?? I really would like my job back but I no longer wish to work with that man ever again. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Anyone who is unemployed can apply for unempoyment benefits. Whether the State will grant you benefits is an unknown, although in the majority of instances individuals who resign their employment are not eligible.

    You have nothing to lose by applying and seeing what happens.


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      thank you

      thank you for your quick response


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        force to quit by employeer.

        Hello again! I decided to do some research and ran in to a website on and I found out that my situation might be called constructive discharge. According to the website If and employeer forces you to quit you might be elgible for unemployment benefits. Due to the fact that I didn't want to quit I was force too by him making my working enviroment impossible. Hopefuly unemployment be able to see what I went thru and grant me help until I be able to get back on my feet again. Thank you!


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