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Cut in hourly rate or hit the door

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  • Cut in hourly rate or hit the door

    First, what a great site.
    I live/work in NH. I am an employee at will. Over the past 2+ years I have received increases in pay due to, I'm guessing good job performance. I have nothing in writing at all regarding my job performance:good, bad or indifferent, pay, or hours to be worked. I started there with the understanding that there was no vacation, sick or holiday pay, no problem. I started working 20 hours give or take. The owner (small company under 15 persons) asked if I could give her more time, so I left my other job to be there 5 days a week, 9-4. The market of my job is very slow at the moment, so she cut my hours back from 35 hours to 25 hours a week. OK, not thrilled, but workable. This cut in hours started 1-2 weeks after the owner lost her primary source of income (Real Estate-Builder) and her top producing/selling agent. Now, she has sat me down, informed me that this has nothing to do with her builder and agent being gone, but if I would like to continue to work for her she is going to cut my pay back to what I started at 2+ years ago. I have searched the NH labor laws with no luck pertaining to this. If I go into work on Monday, then I am agreeing with her proposal. If I don't, then I quit and may not be able to collect unemployment. I have figured out how much money the new change in pay will be and have worked out a "counter" offer. Keep the same pay but work 3 days instead of 5. I am going to try to reach her this weekend, propose this and have her sign it. HELP PLEASE.

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    This is a matter entirely between the two of you. There is no law prohibiting her from cutting your wage as long as you receive notification before you work any hours at the new rate. If she is willing to reduce your hours but keep you at the same rate, that's fine, but if she is determined to cut your rate and leave your hours the same, that's legal too.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Cut in hourly rate or hit the door

      Thank you so much for such a quick reply. Had a feeling what you said was true, but wanted to see if someone knew what I couldn't find out. Thanks again


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