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Wages taken by company

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  • Wages taken by company

    Hello! I work in Michigan as a driver for a small auto parts company. They allow customers to pay the drivers for parts with cash, and we are held accountable for this money. If you are short, they dock your pay the amount shorted.

    This happened to me, so from now on I count the money at the customer's location and then staple it directly to the invoice. At the end of the day, the head sales person or the owner cashes me out and makes sure everything is there.

    Well, yesterday the head sales guy counted me out (and removed all the staples and bundled everything togther) and said I was all good, he then left it in the accounting area.

    Today I get in and they say I was $100 short and it is going to come out of my next paycheck. Even though I was told it everything matched up. I spoke with accounting, and they said the whole thing was laying out and that anyone could have walked by and taken the money, knowing that the driver would have to pay it beck.

    Is this legal??? If yes, then what about after the head sales guy says it all matches and I am good to go home? Please help - I do not make that much money and $100 is a bit hit. Thanks!

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    It is not legal unless you authorize, in writing, the deduction voluntarily, without coercion, and the deduction does not bring your gross pay below minimum wage.,1607,7...3347--,00.html
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