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  • Hi guys

    I live up here in Kansas City MO and I have a few questions. I work for a company that only has 4 employees, none of us have forklift certifications. We have two forklifts and all four of us use them, our CEO even lets truck drivers use them. Also this lady has no OSHA posters up, no forklift posters.....nothing. She also gives some of us lunch breaks and she goes by verbal contracts. In your interview when you first get hired, if you mention lunch breaks you get it, but if you don't because common sense would make you think you would get a lunch break you don't. She also in these interviews tell you after 90 days you'll get vacation, 401K and all these kind of benifits but when it comes around to 90 you get nothing. You confront her about it, she says shes never said it even though she told every employee the same thing. It seems she lies and builds up place to be a great work place just to get people to work for her. Is this legal? I have been here for 1 year now and still no forklift certification even after many notices to her that we all needed to get them. What can be charged against this woman? Everyone is afriad to confront her again because she told us if we confront her shes going to feel threatened and fire us. I had enough of all this, and if it risks my job so be it but I want this place to be a safe, fair, easy going enviroment and no one should deserve this. What can I report on this infro? Thx

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    Well, unfortunately, it is not against the law for the boss/owner to be a liar, so there is no agency you can report this to. Of all those "benefits" you mentioned that were promised, but not delivered, none are required by law, even rest breaks and meal periods.

    The safety issue is not my area of expertise, so I'll defer to someone else there.

    But I will say that I'm surprised any employees stay at all. Do you really want to work somewhere with NO benefits, and where you are lied to? I'm not sure I would really care if I were fired from a place like that. I'd start looking for another job pronto.
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      And you're still working there because???? Surely there are other employment possibilities in your area that you can pursue.

      You may contact OSHA regarding the safety violation. You may also contact the federal Department of Labor to file a complaint regarding the benefits promised (medical insurance, 401k Plan) that were never delivered. If the employer has those benefit plans and their Plan Documents describe you and others as "eligible participants" but you were never offered participation, then the company is in violation of federal law.


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        Osha or Little OSHA

        regarding forklift training, you can contact OSHA (feds) or your State OSHA dept (sometime called something else through the State DOL). Usually, these calls can be anonymous. What will that get you? Probably an investigation where certs are checked, and being none, an real push to get you cert'd ASAP. maybe the employer gets a fine. that's about it, doubt OSHA would shut em down. And if OSHA did you'd be on the losing end of that stick where you then wouldn't get paid - since not working.

        good luck,

        curt j.


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