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Threatened To Be Fired If Late 2 Min.

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  • Threatened To Be Fired If Late 2 Min.

    I Have Been Late 4 Times, I Start At 8am And Have Gotten To Work 8:02am, Boss Told Office Mgner If This Happens Again I Am Fired. What Can I Do Besides Get On Time, I Drop Off My Daughter At School. The Job Entailed To Be There At 8am. This Is In Westchester County In Ny State. He Also Docked Me 15 Minutes For Getting There At 8:02. Can He Do This?

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    you can't do anything about it except be to work on time. 2 minutes is 2 minutes. one minute is still 60 seconds too late. I know, it does seem unfair, but if the boss want's to be strict, s/he can do so. And if you think they're hawking you, watching you, they are. they can. they can sit at the time clock with a pad and pen and note every employee's arrival if they wish. they can get binoculars out and watch you coming down the highway and look at the pocke****ch and estimate if you'll be on time. you get the idea.

    as far as pay, I believe the rule is that employees must be paid for all time worked, but they can round to the nearest division their time system uses. That is, if time for payroll purposes is measured company wide in 5 minute or 15 minute increments, then they can dock to that divsion, I believe. But if not, then they can't round up to 15 minutes for no good reason. you have 13 minutes coming to you, most likely, but is it worth the 30 minutes of phone calls and etc. you'll have to undertake to initiate a complaint with the state DOL?

    get to work on time, and the only real option you have is to explain situation to boss and attempt to work out a plan where if 2 minutes late you work 2 minutes later, etc. They don't have to agree, but it is likely your only shot.

    curt j.


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