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Nightmare Employer

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  • Nightmare Employer

    KY...My husband is a police officer in a very small town. So the practice of "small town politics" is expected. However, what my husband's boss is doing, the chief of police, is absolutely horrible. A few weeks ago my husband stood up to him about something, I don't know what. Now he is making his life hell. He is spreading malicious rumors about him, all having to do with my husband propositioning young girls for sex. We think the chief is even behind some written, but unsworn complaints by 3 people...these same 3 people have had run ins with my husband & already have a gruge against him so they would be happy to participate in anything that would get him in trouble. The thing is, none of these complaints turned up until right after he upset his boss. Then the boss suddenly produced these complaints & turned them into the mayor. Now the mayor is in on this as well. They have had the city attorney check into my husbands background looking for anything they can tie into all this. When they didn't find anything, suddenly the mayor's niece is accusing my husband of stalking her.They have no proof of anything, no evidence, no witnesses. Our assumption is that they are trying to get him to quit. The thing is, he is tied to a contract that isn't up for another 2 1/2 years. If he quits, he owes the city what his contract is worth, which is about $10,000. The chief messes with him on the schedule and anything else he thinks he can dominate. In his latest rule, he has told my husband that he cannot wear his protective vest while wearing one style of uniform---a uniform that he approved. He can wear it, as long as he doesn't wear the bullet proof vest. These are the low things he is stooping to. The boss is causing all this distress, & he can't go to the boss's superior because he is in on it too. Does he have any legal the very least, is creating a hostile workplace, or causing distress, a means for him to get out of his contract?

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    We cannot know whether this gives him an out from his contract because we have not read the contract and do not know what the terms are.

    He needs to discuss the situation with a local attorney who can review the contract in its entirety.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Don't need to read the contract or know its terms to know that this behavior, if proven, would constitute breach of duty of good faith and let the husband out of the contract, as well as entitling him to damages in tort.

      The real issue here is an issue of proof. I.E., can the husband prove that this conspiracy exists.

      Also, I strongly suspect that the original poster is not correctly interpreting what happens if the contract is broken early. i.e., it is unlikely that the husband would owe the "value of the contract", rather, he would just owe whatever damages the city sufferred as a result of his early break. That being said, under these circumstances it doesn't sound like he is "breaking" the contract so much as avoiding it through reliance on an extra-contractual legal matter.

      CBG is correct that the husband should see a local attorney. Bring the contract and any evidence of the alleged behavior.
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        Thank you to both cbg & grasmicc for the replies. Addressing the issue of owing on the contract--The city paid for him to go through the police acadamy, paid his wages, benefits, etc. while he was away at school for 6 months & not actually on the streets working. In return, he "owes" them 3 years...a 3 year contract. If he quits before the contract runs out, he is responsible for the "balance" of his contract. It is figured out w/ wages, benefits & whatever else they threw in that the contract is worth about $9800. The contract does state, that if he can find one, another police department can pay out the remainder of what's due on the contract, so that he can leave. But that's only if another department would agree. I know I'm not the best at breaking these things down, so I apologize if it is hard to follow.


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          A few things:

          First, since it sounds like they want him out, and he wants out, he may be able to just negotiate an early termination to the contract with the city. Has he tried this yet?

          Second, your interpretation of the contract is still sounding a little off, but I'm not so sure that it is important.

          Third, assuming you can provide significant evidence of this stuff that you allege is happening (i.e., the lies being spread, etc.), then that is enough to get your husband out of the contract without having to pay any damages.

          Take the contract and whatever evidence you have to an attorney.


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