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I was told that I resigned when I didn't

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  • I was told that I resigned when I didn't

    I live in WV and I was told by my employer that I gave a oral 30 day resignation when I didn't so they paid me for the 30 days (up to Sept 29) but that I could go ahead and leave. I did not resign. Is there something that I can do about this? Also, the company's policy is not to pay sick leave when employment ceases but I know (I was payroll manager) that they did pay a VP sick leave over several payments when she left. Since this is the case, are they obligated to pay others sick leave? Please help. Thanks

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    You can apply for unemployment at the end of the month and state you were laid off or fired for reasons your not aware and see if you can collect. I don't know of anything else you can do legally.

    As for the insurance, no they don't have to pay yours, paying out coverage for a settlement package is pretty standard and happens all the time, it does not make it mandatory.


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      It's obvious they want you gone, so I agree with Sockeye on this one.

      Regarding payout of accrued sick leave, since it is not required upon termination in any state, the fact that they paid it out to a VP, as an exception to the policy, does not require them to pay it out to you. It's very possible that the VP negotiated this in his employment agreement; that's not uncommon for upper management.

      Good luck to you.
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