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Legal or Not in Ohio?

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  • Legal or Not in Ohio?

    Let me first off by describing the company.We have roughly Three thousand stores.Each store has around seven employees.Each store has their management team and a District Manager who has an average of fifteen stores in an area.Now here is my situation.This new DM has been treating each of us differently.For example,I was given minimum standards to meet as well as the rest of the District. However,Only certain Managers are receiving corrective actions.I Received one for falling a half of a percent below my set minimum while another store manager (Female) Fell seven percent below, and received absolutely nothing.The standards I have learned are not even the same around the company. Many are much lower set than ours. I have been with this company twelve years and all my reviews have been exceptional until this DM. Now I rank in the lower five percent of the pay scale increase , While store managers that I outperform receive higher scores. It is no secret that the DM and myself do not like each other. He has made statements to others that he will terminate me before long ,and has generally just made the work enviroment unbearable. He has put a manager in training in my store to replace me.The reason I say this, is because we have no surrounding stores that she can go to. She doesnt perform upto standards one reason why we missed our minimum expectations.When I confronted him about this ,his response was "That she is your problem and you need to teach her how to run a store".WOW what a set up. He has also brought our loss prevention department to apply more pressure.We were given a direct order on a sale procedure from our corporate office .They were filling out the termination paperwork saying that procedure was never authorized until I found the email with the instructions.Now the funny part here is that the other fifteen stores did exactly the same thing we did and was never questioned. I constantly lead our District in performance and still he gives corrective actions to my team,while other stores that fall below us receive nothing.Are their any laws against this or am I just out of luck.I am going to file a complaint with our corporate HR department ,but i know that is suicide if i have no recourse.I'll just keep sending out resumes in hopes of a job change before he finds something else to come after me for.
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    Treating employees differently and holding them to different standard very well may be bad management, but it is not illegal unless it is solely because of a protected characteristic, such as gender, ethnic identity, age, etc.

    Good luck in the job search.
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