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suspension from work

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  • suspension from work

    my son works in a business in the state of hawaii, and was recently suspended from work. i have a few questions
    1) they withheld his paycheck, until he returned his keys.
    2) we was not told about his suspension until he went to get his paycheck, this is how he found out.
    3) there is not written record of his suspension, nor a return date to work.
    4) they didnot tell him he is terminated, but in past practice this is how this company has done.( most of them decided to quit due to no work)
    5) he has another paycheck for 1 week of work, but from former employees,
    he is not likely to get paid for that.
    6) should he just look for another job, and when they decide to call him back, to
    tell them he has antoher job.
    7) this incident resulted from sharing a cash drawer with a fellow co-worker, and their drawer came out short. they was just short in telling them of stealing cash out of the drawer, but the video camera's that is right above them showed that they didnot pocket the money. because of this incident, they got suspended from work.

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    1. That may have been a violation. However, since he has since received his check, I doubt the state DOL would take the complaint.

    2. That's not illegal.

    3. That's not illegal either.

    4. Not illegal.

    5. If he was discharged (vs. quitting) he must be paid no later than the next work day. However, if he has not yet been terminated, he has to wait until the next regularly scheduled payday. He can't file a complaint in advance, assuming something will happen.

    6. Why not?

    7. Being suspended because he was being investigated, or even if the video showed he didn't take the money, is not illegal.

    Now, I'm not saying that any one or all of these things are not exceptionally poor management actions, but so far, nothing has transpired that is illegal, except #1, but with the caveat I mentioned.
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