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Company pd benifit- Does company have to be consistant and pay every month?

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  • Company pd benifit- Does company have to be consistant and pay every month?

    I worked for a company for 16 years. A few years ago Company owner said she would pay Healthcare costs for my family as a benifit(instead of a raise). Then 6 months later said she would no longer pay healthcare costs. After that time one month she would pay costs and then the next month I would have to pay costs. There never was any warning until I got my check, of whether I had to pay the $800.00/Month heathcare costs or if she would pay it for any month. Does employer have to be consistant in this??? Or can they do whatever they feel like each month??

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    Well, having your employer periodically pay for the health insurance is better than not having it paid for at all. No employer can make payroll deductions without an employee's authorization; I don't know if you ever signed anything authorizing the premium deductions though or what you signed when you first enrolled in the Plan. Tread carefully though - it certainly would be easy enough for your employer to say "Fine. I won't ever pay it at all then." if you decide to cop an attitude.

    At the very least, from a budgetary standpoint, it would be nice for you to know when she's going to be deducting the premiums. If you nicely mentioned that to the boss, she may be able to give you advance notice of the deduction. I presume she's paying the premiums for you when monthly cash flow allows her to do so.

    Plan B is to find a job elsewhere where the employer will be consistent in the amount of premium you will be paying.


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