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Termination for thought of new job

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  • Termination for thought of new job

    An employee of ours is planning on quiting and moving back home. She has told several people in the office. The only thing is, she has not confronted her boss and given her official 2 week notice. All her activities fall on me without a replacement. If I tell our boss and we find a replacement and let her go is it considered wrongful termination?

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    "Wrongful termination" is a termination for a reason that is prohibited by law. Firing someone because the company has heard rumors that she is going to quit is not a prohibited reason. However, IMHO you should tell your boss what is being said. The smart thing for your boss to do, then, would be to sit down with the employee and get her side of the story.

    Once you have told your boss what has been being said around the water cooler, I would stay out of it.
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      No, that would not be a wrongful termination but it's not the approach I'd take. Her boss needs to take her aside and ask her for the straight scoop about her plans to resign and when - and tell her he doesn't appreciate being the last to know. (It was really foolish for this employee to be telling co-workers she was leaving but not tell the boss.)


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