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Hostile work environment Indiana

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  • Hostile work environment Indiana

    This question is concerning my fiance. She started a job at a local factory in January of this year. When she started there another girl and her started to become friends. But the situation quickly turned for the worse. This girl began doing juvenile things such as name calling, "accidentally" bumping into her, and things of this nature. She has progressed to vandalizing cars including my fiances. So far my fiance has only had nails placed under her tires(they were caught doing this). A few other people have had scratches put into their vehicles and other damage such as a punctured gas tank. These two girls doing all this were caught Friday night doing these things. My fiance has made several attempts to file a complaint against them as has her supervisors. My fiance and the girls who caught them vandalizing were all told keep your mouth shut or you will be fired. My main question is, if she ends up being fired for this and I believe she will be, is there any recourse that can be taken? Is this even considered a hostile work environment? There have been several other incidents that have happened which would make this post extremely long, this is the basic break down of things. I really look for them to target her car for major damage, we have several friends who are cops and I know she will call them as soon as she finds it. The ones who caught them vandalizing their vehicles Friday night were told that if they take any action (press charges, fight, restraining order) any action of any kind they will be terminated. What can we do???

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    She is free to call the cops about the vandalism.

    What you describe is not a hostile work environment under the law. That occurs only when an employee is being subjected to either sexual harassment or illegal discrimination under Title VII and related laws.
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