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Employer embezzling, new hires trapped?

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  • Employer embezzling, new hires trapped?

    I am in a situation where I have been seriously harassed by several employees who are related to each other. While I know there are several different discrimination laws that these employees have broken and I am exploring what to do about that (including trying to get two others who have been similarly harassed to join me in a complaint), I am even more concerned about the probable reason for the harassment:

    There has been a pattern of falsifying company financial records that has been promoted by one of these employees, who has trained newer people that the falsifications are the accepted way of handling certain transactions.

    Several people, including lower management, have tried to get this employee terminated but have failed, because she enjoys special favor with the franchise owner, not sexual but just "high regard".

    I know that I am seeing an obvious pattern of embezzlement, with a couple of likely profit-points for the results. I did some research into the company's franchise contract by looking at the terms that the corporation offers franchisees, and I saw that by allowing the senior employee to train and support the falsified records, the owner is probably escaping a large amount of money that would otherwise have had to be paid out to the corporate brand. I called the corporate hq anonymously and asked if the pay-out terms could have this result, and they said yes, and they asked for identifying info but said that they cannot offer me any protection as a whistle-blower because they have no role in the employee relationships.

    What does one do in a situation like this? Leaving is an option for a younger person with more hiring opportunities, but I feel seriously damaged because the harassment has included bad employment marks against me and I have to pursue some kind of complaint process to correct them. Also, I have a good possible future with the larger corporation if this were not happening. And finally, I don't feel right about just walking away from a place that is entrapping and damaging new hires this way, without doing something to put a stop to it.

    Any ideas?
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