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My employer is stressing me to illness.

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  • My employer is stressing me to illness.

    I'm a controller in Jacksonville, FL and I have worked for a company for five years. I have over twenty-five years experience as a controller and am well known for my integrity in Atlanta (where I used to live). I apologize for the length of this first post but I need to vent.

    I came to this company that was litterly going under due to a horrible accounting dept. I was given several promises that if I could straighten up this mess and get the company accounting dept. working well I'd get bonus's and other "perks". Well it took six months but I did it. Then for the next two years I began to see that the owner and his son were the real reason why the company got into trouble in the first place.

    I'm not going to go any further into details but they are breaking several laws concerning, DOT, IRS, and a couple other Federal agencies that I better not name. However, these laws and their habitual breaking of them is where my troubles began. You see, these two are not very intelligent men and in fact resent anyone who makes them appear...dumb?

    I stated several times that they cannot do the things they're doing in which case they reply, "Just do it anyway". At first it was annoying but the more I continued to warn them the more antagonistic they've become.

    Now they have really crossed the line. They are telling just about everyone at work that they "think" I'm stealing from them. They have told everyone how much I am paid and have taken to holding "chew-out" sessions in front of the entire office staff...which they direct all their venting at me.

    The worst of this is is that they continue to break laws and have tried to make me "cover up" their trail. That is something I will NEVER do. So that again turns into more "butt-chew" sessions directed at me.

    I cannot quit at this time because of debts that I must pay. I guess what I need to do is to talk to an attorney, but I'm afraid that they may find out about it and terminate me. What really miffs me off is that they're telling everyone that I'm stealing from them.

    I have already sought medical help about the stress they're putting on me, but I'm stuck until I can find another job with comparable pay.

    Any suggestions please?

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    I believe that you really do need to consult with a lawyer. There are issues with slander here as well as violation of federal laws that are outside the realm of employment law.
    Lillian Connell

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