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Kansas Labor Law Help

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  • Kansas Labor Law Help

    I am 12 years old (13 in August) and my mom works for the Township Library in my town, she is the head of it for the most part. One of the women working is going to quit her 2 day per week job at the library and my mom will probably end up working 4/5 days. I would like to work for the library if I can. The hours are mostly 1-7 or 1-6 (pm). She said there were child labor laws that would prohibit me from working there so I have come to you. I would like to work 2 days a week or 1 if I have to. I cannot really find out all the laws and the most i get is a Poster with the laws for like $30+. I saw that the minimum age is 14 for most jobs (fedral) but I was wondering what Kansas laws are and if I could possibly get a permit to work there or something. I already know how to do everything there just by going there when i was younger with my mom when she went to work.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Child Labor

    It is great that you want to work at a job at your age. Unfortunately, Kansas does not permit those under the age of 14 to work. The only permitted exceptions are: children employed by their parents, household chores, paper routes, farm work and child actors/actresses. Even though you are working with your mom, the employer is not your mother. Instead, it is the library. Therefore, an exception is not possible.
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      Thanks for your help, had to check this before I went to school. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait...


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