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Extreme Verbal Abuse

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  • Extreme Verbal Abuse

    I live in Vermont. My boss has treated many of us in the office as if we are nothing to him and that we need to know if one of our distributors is Gay, African American, Mentally Challenged, or what religion they are. My title for this thread is just what he does! Please excuse my language as I would like to give an example of the things that he says. He comes out of his office, in ear shot of most of the office people, and says "That F**king Jew B**tard!" He treats the mistakes that we do as personal vendettas that we have against him. He attacks us verbally like we meant to make the error, just to get him in trouble or something.

    Can someone point me in the direction of some info about verbal harassment in the workplace, so that I can go to his boss and show him that these kind of things are illegal.

    Thank you.

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    Verbal Harassment

    You can look at the EEOC's website to learn more about discrimination and harassment.
    Lillian Connell

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      I just found a great little tiny hand heald voice recorder. It was about 80 dollars, at Radio Shack. You need to get it on tape. I wonder if your boss is the owner? I would get an attorney and sue for harrassment and discrimination. Witnesses are your best resource along with documentation.

      Just a thought from me to you?



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        Be very cautious about this approach. Recording conversations without both parties' knowledge may be illegal.
        Lillian Connell

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          Lawyer consultations are usually free. Worth a call..


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            This is what I located regarding Vermont legislation on taping:

            There is no legislation specifically addressing interception of communications in Vermont, but the state's highest court has held that surreptitious electronic monitoring of communications in a person's home is an unlawful invasion of privacy. Vermont v. Geraw, 795 A.2d 1219 (Vt. 2002); Vermont v. Blow, 602 A.2d 552 (Vt. 1991).

            The state's highest court, however, also has refused to find the overhearing of a conversation in a parking lot unlawful because that conversation was "subject to the eyes and ears of passersby." Vermont v. Brooks, 601 A.2d 963 (Vt. 1991).

            In other words, this is case law still waiting to be made. Biggie, I don't think you'll want to be the test case for this. And even if surreptitious taping is not illegal in your State, your employer can still fire you on the spot if you do so without his permission.

            Your boss being a world-class abusive jerk is not against the law. However he may be creating a hostile work environment if his discriminatory statements regarding race, handicap, gender, religion, national origin, etc. are pervasive enough. I suggest you contact your local EEOC office or your State's equal rights division and talk to them about the situation and then you can determine whether you want to make a complaint.


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              Similar situation

              hey, i am in a similar situation. not as discriminatory as above, but almost as bad.

              I work at a lexus dealership in NJ and this is the second time I've worked there. always been on good terms with everyone. my boss gave me a new job this summer and never trained me or anything. he for some reason expected me to know everything and cursed me out saying he's "going to fire my ***" and asking me "what the f***" i'm doing and pretty much throwing out every good 4 letter word there is (on my second day WITHOUT ANY training, mind you). without knowing what to do, i just said ok after everything.

              is there anything i can do about this at all?


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                Verbal Abuse

                Unfortunately, unless his action is motivated by an illegal reason such as discrimination, profane language is not a violation of labor law. The exception may be if the language used is of a derogatory nature against the individual, such as a racial comment.
                Lillian Connell

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                  is there anything i can do about this at all? Yes. Look for another job. The boss being a foul-mouthed jerk is not illegal - but you always have the option of finding a job elsewhere where the boss treats employees with respect.


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