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set up in Texas

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  • set up in Texas

    I just quit my grocery stocking job at Wal-mart after being there for a year because I had been called into managements office to be told I had no urgency to get my work done. This absolutely flabbergasted me because I work overtime almost everyday and I would work at a steady pace. I was one of their fastest stockers and one of their hardest working stockers. I was 2 weeks away from getting my paid vacation. They just gave me a raise 1 week ago. I think I was set up by management because of a black woman who had just been hired about 2 months ago. I believe this is a case of reverse discrimination. I am a college graduate and a single mother of one and this now leaves me with no health insurance for me and my child. I was asked to perform a job duty by one of managers associate buddies, about a week ago and when the black woman was not happy that she felt I was trying to tell her what to do she threw a fit. I told the associate buddy of the manager never to put me in a situation again that included this woman again because that had made a second time she had gone off on me for doing what I was told to do and because she had a problem with thinking anybody white might be trying to tell her to do something. She had the phone number to the manager in case anybody ever displeased her. I was never given this phone number. I wholeheartedly believe that I was provoked to quit this morning because I am white. They said I wasn't urgent enough in my work? She would brag to other workers how nobody could tell her anything to upset her, not even management because she was black. I guess because I am white I have no rights. I quit because the stress became to scarey for me I started having chest pains and was not about to have a heart attack or stroke for Wal-mart. There was also much pyschological abuse that would go on for all grocery stockers, especially for female grocery stockers. I also participated in an opinoin poll that may have played a big part in thier conspiracy against me. Yeah there is an open door policy at Wal-mart, but it is going to hit you in the back on the way out.
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    Maybe you should have tried to transfer to another store instead of quit. I think you could have come out of this. How much urgency do you need to show if you are completing your work within mandated timeframes? Maybe you could act nervous and sweat some. That was basically bs in my opinion. I think you should have asked them how do I show more urgency when I already complete my work on time and as mandated. What else are you looking for? Ask for a demonstration.


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