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"at will" in CA?

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  • "at will" in CA?

    I worked for this company for 8 years. in february of 04 I was terminated for job abandonement.Six months later I got a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance for sale. I since paid my debt to society etc.etc. in february of 2005 I reapplied, and I put that on my application(the felony). I was rehired fulltime, and I was on my way to getting my life back together. Anyways about 2 weeks after i was rehired, my background check came back, and when my boss told me that the district office had called him, of course I told him about it, as a matter of fact I told him I thought they knew since it was on my app. Turns out they overlooked it when I was rehired, or else they wouldnt have hired me. Anyways 2 months later (april 2005), I was terminated they said because of what was on my background check, reason stated on fnal paperwork "Lost in confidence". I had been an excellent employee up until then, and all other employees were upset over them terminating me for that reason, that I was a good worker. My question is, can they fire me for something on my application if they hired me knowing about it(since it was on my application?) THANKS ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

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    Unless you were tenured, there does not have to be a reason given most states are at-will employment states. To your credit, you were honest. It is not your fault. I think the folks at your office sent in your application as approved hoping the folks above would not catch your felony. I suspect they saw it and ignored it and hoped it would be ignored above and never caught. A lot of times things like that are never picked up, but unfortunate for you, it was in your case. Well hopefully folks at your job can be references for you and you will locate another good job.


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      Isnt It Discrimination?

      But since they did give me the reason being "what was on my application about my past, dosent that show some kind of discrimination, because they hired me under those pretences? And this is a fortune 500 corporation, so before I got hired it went through the district manager, HR, etc. What happened was that instead of the scripted interview by the d.m., (which has a question specifically asking about prior felonies), it was more along the lines of "what can we expect from you to be different this time around, etc. etc. etc. And what do you mean by "tenure", because when I was rehired I returned with 8 years tenure, and thats from their policy since it was within 1 year, I had all my benefits I had from before.THANKS!!!


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