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Can a store manager have you arrested for trespass?

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  • Can a store manager have you arrested for trespass?

    My son recently quit his job with a major Co retailer. He left because of a store manager who is verbaly abusive with the empoyees. This manager was also reponsible for my son not getting a promotion for overnight supervisor in spite of his experience and recommendation of his immediate managers. However, this store manager then held my son responsible for the job performance of the other people on the team, after the man that the store manager had hired was asked to leave after three days. Even when my son's immediate manager temporarily put my son in charge of the overnight team while he was on his honeymoon, the store manager said that my son was not and should not have been left in charge of the overnight team, but he would yell at my son when things were not done or were done incorrectly by other members of the team. When my son left, he was told that he would have to speak with a certain manager to resolve some issues regarding overtime and shift differential pay that my son is owed dating back to March 2005. When he came in to the strore to speak with her, the store manager saw him quietly waiting for her to finish a call she was on and told him that he could not be here and that he had to leave. In spite of repeated attempts to tell this store manager that he had been told that he needed to come in and speak with this other manager and then asking him why he could not be there, this store manager continued to escort my son out of the store yelling at him that he could not be in the store because he, (the store manager) did not want him there and that if my son ever stepped foot in the store again he would call the police and have him arrested for trespass. Can he do that?

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    Does the store have a restraining order against him? If it's a public store, he would be allowed in there as a customer. If there are unresolved issues regarding his employment and wages, he is allowed in there. I would find out where she is getting her information that he cannot be there.


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      Trespass is a criminal issue and you may wish to place your question on that forum to get the right experts looking at the matter. However, a property owner can restrict whomever they choose from entering the store, as long as the reason for the denial of entry isn't something illegal such as discrimination.
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