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Pointed out Illegality, made things worse! (CT)

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  • Pointed out Illegality, made things worse! (CT)

    Our new boss evolved from 'motivation by nitpicking' into ridiculously interpreting laws. For example, 'By LAW we MUST take 30 min lunch.' Interpreted: '29 min is ILLEGAL, 31 min is 'tardy'. You can be disciplined for either'. And the list goes on..

    Out of frustration, we decided to read the discover our company is non-compliant in several areas! While we chose to keep our mouths shut about past illegalities, we felt it necessary to speak up in the future.

    Recently, an incident arose..if I said nothing, I'd be penalized ILLEGALLY. I told my boss NICELY that I must be paid by law. The boss disagreed..until I stated the exact law. It was taken to HR..and I was paid.

    Since then...the nitpicking increased..rude (but legal) comments have been added. Very humiliating..and hurtful..having been a stellar employee. I have rights? Is this considered retaliation? Should I document? Is there unemployment if I left due to this? HELP! I am in need of some answers here. THANKS!

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    It could be seen as retaliation. You can file a complaint with the state. Refer to:
    Lillian Connell

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